Georgian wine making

Archaeological finds prove that grapes began to be cultivated in Georgia about 8000 years ago. It was here, according to most experts, that the first cultivated forms of the vine of VitisVinifera appeared, which later spread through Asia Minor to European countries, and - in the footsteps of brave navigators - further to the New World, Australia, etc. For centuries, winegrowing was one of the main directions of cultural farming in Georgia. Today the number of autochthonous grape varieties here reaches 500 items.

Kakheti is considered the main wine-growing region of Georgia, as there are about 65% of all vineyards and wineries here. This is a historical region of Georgia, located in the upper reaches of the Alazani and Iori rivers.

The most famous wine region of Kakheti - Alazani Valley - is located at an altitude of 200-500 meters above sea level and extends from the north-west to the south-east for 110 km. Its average width is 20 km. The climate is moderately humid, with moderately cold winters and hot summers. Soils are brown, gray-brown, black earth. For the most part, clarets are produced.

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