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Mukuzani Winery LLC

Great wines start with great Terroirs: MUKUZANI WINERY LLC vineyards are located in the unique Mukuzani microzone (Mukuzani village), which is located on the northeast slope of the Tsiv-Gombori Ridge.

The labor of people and nature turn the calcareous lands into blessed ones: on such a soil grows grapes worthy to create great wines. Stones and pebbles retain heat, so beloved by vineyards, and clay and limestone soil rich in calcium carbonate and iron gives the wine an ideal structure and particular depth of taste. The rare climate and soil in the Mukuzani microzone allows grapes to achieve a perfect balance of acidity and tannins. Vineyards cultivated by MUKUZANI WINERY LLC have these qualities.


Contact us:

(+995) 595 772 703

Georgia, Kakheti, 1514, Gurdjaani, Mukuzani

We are located between Telavi and Signagi towns, nearby Gurjaani village.