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We are here to create the best wine from Saperavi.
Welcome to Mukuzani Winery
Mukuzani Winery LLC
Mukuzani Winery is a new, ultra-modern and ambitious project of Gocha Ichkitidze.
At the moment, construction of a new generation winery is underway,
with a capacity of 1 million bottles a year.
Here we use the latest technologies and the best winemaking equipment from Italy.

1514, Mukuzani,
Kakhetia, Georgia

+995 595 772 703
Open hours:
10:00 – 20:00
Mukuzani Winery is producing a high quality fine wine from Mukuzani wine appelation
Mukuzani is considered by many to be the best of the Georgian red wines made from Saperavi
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You can find our wines in Ukraine (Good Wine) and in Tbilisi
Mukuzani 2016
Legendary Georgian dry red wine made from Saperavi grapes
20 months in the French oak barrels

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Saperavi 2017
Dry red wine made from Saperavi grapes

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Gocha Ichkitidze
The owner
Wine has given me many new friends, and I can say that people who love wine are different from those who do not like it. I clearly feel it. Lovers of wine - they are kinder, they are less aggressive, they are more pleasant in communication. I'm not talking here about those who boast about the fact that they can drink a horn of wine in one gulp - it's not just disrespect for wine, but first and foremost, disrespect for yourself ...
Love the wine with your heart, and your life will change forever!
Contact us:

+995 595 772 703
1514, Mukuzani, Kakhetia, Georgia
41.806731, 45.710745

Open hours: 10:00 - 20:00

We are located between Telavi and Signahi towns,
nearby Gurjaani village.
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